Gustav Mahler

Concert: Te Deum

Saturday, February 9, 2019
Saint Michael's College, Colchester, Vermont

Proceeds will benefit AgeWell.

Dvořák Te Deum (orchestra, chorus and soloists)
Mendelssohn Adagio religioso from Lobgesang (Hymn of Praise) (orchestra)
Bruckner Te Deum (orchestra, chorus and soloists)

Conductors: Nathaniel Lew and Sherrill Blodget
Soloists: Vickie Drew (soprano), Erin Grainger (alto), Skip Potter (tenor) and Neil Wacek (baritone)

Concert attire: All black. Long sleeves. Long pants or long skirt/dress. You may optionally wear a tie or scarf.

Please do not wear any fragrances (e.g., cologne, perfume, scented aftershave).

Chorus: Please put your music in a black folder.


Please see below for important details about participation and registration, music downloads, and the schedule. All participants must register.

Chorus: All are welcome.

Orchestra: All qualified string players are welcome. Winds/brass selection will be based on known ability and past participation in GMMF events.


Music Download

Download and print your music.




McCarthy Arts Center - Saint Michael's College, Colchester, VT
See map

Orchestra arrive by 11:45 am - Recital Hall
Chorus arrive by 12:00 noon - Room 134

12:00 pm - Orchestra rehearse Mendelssohn
12:15 pm - Choir warmup

12:30 - Rehearse Dvorak (choir) / Rehearse Bruckner (orchestra and soloists)

1:30 - Break

1:45 pm - Rehearse Bruckner (choir) / Rehearse Dvorak (orchestra and soloists)

2:45 pm - Break and move to Chapel

Chapel Saint Michael the Archangel - Saint Michael's College

3:30 pm - Get choir/orchestra seated in Chapel

3:45 pm - Rehearse Dvorak (all)

4:30 pm - Break

4:45 pm - Rehearse Bruckner (all)

5:45 pm - Break

7:30 pm - Everyone in place in Chapel

8:00 pm - CONCERT!